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This is a one piece expandable, self-tapping implant that has a prepable extension that can be prepared and restored similar to a natural tooth. The extension abutment fits on the one-piece implant via a Morse taper connection. Patented double Morse taper abutments and screws prevent both screw loosening due to vibration or wear while eliminating the possibility of micro leakage associated with many other implant/abutment systems. 
This implant is Ideal for immediate extraction / implant placement with fully functional crown (have an apple). Osseointegration, the intimate contact of bone to implant provided by the mechanical lock of all Ultratooth expandable implants allows for safe biological integration without the usual wait associated with non-expandable implants. 
Besides immediate load (chewing) capability-by allowing same time extraction/implant/abutment and final crown - the natural emergence profile of the tooth and long term papillary integrity is also preserved.

Implant Length
Implant Diameter
Implant Base
Collar Length
3910UTS 10 mm 3.9 mm 3.0 mm 1.5 mm
3913UTS 13 mm 3.9 mm 3.0 mm 1.5 mm
3916UTS 16 mm 3.9 mm 3.0 mm 1.5 mm